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blink design rebrand and new website

blink design rebrand and new website

Posted on 20th February, 2015

This November will mark our 14th year in business so having had a good think about our own corporate identity we felt it was a great opportunity to strip back to the foundation of what Blink Design™ represents. Like we do for all our clients, we looked at how our brand communicates visually. It is well over a decade since the brand was first designed, and like a lot of established brands, we felt we needed a bit of a revamp! Our branding also needed to communicate our clean, corporate style and our attention to detail.

The brand elements we felt we needed to retain were of course the business name itself (a registered trademark in Ireland) as it continually prompts positive feedback from clients. Our corporate colours incorporating our specific pantone red have always worked very well for us too so there was no question around whether we’d keep these. Our “we get your business noticed” tagline also remains the same, as again it’s been popular with our clients and it sums us up in a nutshell.

For brand consistency, we felt it was important to keep the icon for the eye in our original identity. Although we are carrying forward the portfolio and experience we have built up since 2001 we wanted to strip everything back to reflect the emerging ethos of the business and our vision for the future.

We had a lot of fun experimenting with fonts to get the exact fit. We always love this part of a project – it’s fantastic when you have played with numerous fonts and you’re so sure when you find the right one. This new font really reflects our business identity and brand values. It has a lovely “clean-but-edgy” feel to it which mirrors our creativity. Our tagline tucks nicely underneath, and these little details don’t happen by accident! The experimentation really ensures the name and tagline balance together. As with all projects, we designed reverse options on the red and white background.

As brand consistency is so important, we also spent a lot of time redesigning our stationery and website. We are so passionate about what we do and we love our new brand – we’re confident it will take us well into the future.