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John Harty, Director – UK & Ireland at Harty International

John Harty, Director – UK & Ireland at Harty International

Posted on 25th January, 2015

I have worked with Louise Lawlor at Blink Design™ since 2003. We initially engaged Louise around the rebranding of our Company John Harty & Associates
to the brand JHA. This was a tricky proposal as we required many of our existing clients to remain familiar with our company ethos while rebranding the
business and engaging new customers to this new brand. Louise and her team put together an excellent plan and managed to develop our corporate
identity in a transitional change pattern.

We rebranded our identity significantly again in 2008, changing from the John Harty & Associates / JHA brand to a newer brand Harty International,
to which Louise worked again in an excellent manner. I have worked with Blink Design™ on two other start-up companies and each time the work carried
out was exemplary. All I need do is give Louise and her team all the information, what WE are trying to achieve and they come back with ideas that would
be far and beyond what I expect. From here, we then apply our own internal creative hats and select the best Brand going forward.

I think Louise and Blink Design™ know that we run our business in such a manner where time is always a factor and they always meet or beat our deadlines.

Since 2004 we have had Blink Design™ piece together all of our adverts for news paper publications. This can be an often timely piece of work as there is
not only our own company’s corporate image to maintain, but also our client’s corporate image to adhere to. Blink Design™ are more than satisfactory
when it comes to this aspect and the results are always excellent.

I have referred many of our own clients to Louise and her team as I know they will get a satisfactory result.

John Harty, Director – UK & Ireland at Harty International – Executive Search Consultants, 2011